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Living in Goddard, KS and looking for a good personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals? At the Forge Fitness Studio, we help people lose weight, feel great, and ultimately step into a better version of themselves that they may not know ever existed.

Goddard is just a short drive drive from the fitness training studio.

Call (316) 519-9813 and start getting either private personal training from one of our trainers or sign up for our strength training and weight loss Fitness Boot Camp.

To read details about the boot camp visit this link.

Try Out Our Fitness Class – Call (316) 519-9813

“Action trumps pondering. Be a juggernaut. Yes, you’ll make a few more mistakes, but you’ll also get a lot more done. Plus, that grand scheme you just spent half your day/month/life cooking up probably isn’t going to go according to plan anyway. Things don’t get easier when you wait longer to do them. Goddard is only an 28 minute drive from our personal training and fitness studio. Just stop thinking about it and do it.” – Miles Brown, Personal Trainer

Swole and Sweaty Bootcamp – 10 classes (2 per week) – $99.00

For $10 a class, burn mad calories and learn how to lift safely and effectively with coaching from Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer Rebekka Hepford.

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