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Did you know that about 75% of people do not follow through with their New Years resolutions? And almost all of them include getting into shape, losing weight or gaining muscle in their resolutions. And the majority of successful business men and women are actually “in-shape”. There is a reason for this and that is because successful people work out more.

The drive and ability to push forward in the gym carries through to other aspects of your life, you can’t afford not to take care of your health.

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“At Forge Fitness our goal is to offer the most effective means of self-optimization through training, regardless of cost or convenience. We seek to cultivate constant improvement in ourselves, our clients, our services and our facilities, regardless of the beginning or end-point. Our gym exists to help those with a similar hunger for integrity, focus and growth. Valley Center is only minutes from our Wichita fitness training. Start today.” – Miles Brown, Personal Trainer

Call (316) 519-9813 and start getting either private personal training from one of our trainers or sign up for our Fitness Boot Camp. To read details about the boot camp visit this link.

Reasons People Hire A Personal Trainer

At our studio you may be able to..

  • Lose weight quickly and in a healthy manner
  • Regain lost confidence or gain new confidence in yourself
  • Overcome a muscle building plateau that is blocking you from achieving higher levels of gain
  • Restore confidence in your business and personal relationships

Personal Training Testimonial

“I was getting heavier, was sitting at a computer desk all day and eating my girlfriend’s awesome cooking every night and morning for over a year. I used to be 175 and very confident and fit, after a year of slacking I had lost the willpower to go to the gym and had gained 30 pounds, it was getting to the point where I had to twist a bit to put on my shoes due to my stomach being in the way, my confidence and happiness levels had gone way down. It was only through some good advice on diet and personal training, and keeping to it, that I was able to lose 20 of those pounds and be back to feel good about myself, in the mirror and in public. You really don’t have anything without your health.” – Thomas Stinson

Start Getting Fit Today – Call (316) 519-9813

“My specialties include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, for which I’ve placed in 5 tournaments now, as well as Crossfit and Olympic Lifting. I’ve run several half-marathons and also enjoy rock climbing, playing guitar, playing with my dog, eating and helping people smash their goals into oblivion.” – Miles Brown, Personal Trainer

“If you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that just means you’re okay with being mediocre.” – Ray Lewis

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