Weight Training for Runners Boot Camp

Benefits of Weight Training for Runners: Improve maximal force, power and explosiveness.

Only 6 spaces per class!

Most runners know they should lift weights, but maybe aren’t sure the best way to fit it into their training, and with the greatest possible benefit.

Mindy Self

This is a 4 week series of classes that teaches just that, and will be coached by ultra-marathoner, physique competitor and certified trainer and nutritional specialist, Mindy Self.

Classes will be held twice a week, in order to leave plenty of fuel in the tank for your runs while ensuring consistent strength gains.

Exercises and programming will be designed to maximize running-specific benefits while avoiding unnecessary stress on the joints.

Classes are limited to 6 people in order to keep the quality of coaching high and ensure that each individual’s needs are met.

Runners can expect to become measurably stronger within the first 4 weeks, and to improve in the following essential areas:

  • Lactate Threshold: Increase anaerobic power to help maintain a higher intensity for a longer period of time.
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency: Increase dynamic stability, decrease musculotendinous stiffness, and improve motor unit recruitment.
  • Muscle Power: Extra boost in power in the final sprint of a race.
  • Running Economy: Use less energy for the same distance.
  • Endurance Performance: Set New PRs!

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