Sign up for Barbell Beginners Boot Camp to get strong, burn calories and develop great form in the main barbell movements.

This is a 5 week series of classes where we work with participants on the fundamental barbell movements, as well as accessory exercises, in order to help them learn correct form and feel confident that they’re using free weights safely and to their greatest potential.

This boot camp will be coached by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and personal trainer Rebekka Hepford.

Why Barbell Movements?

  • They’re Scaleable: That means practically everyone from grannies to line-backers can train them and benefit from them for a long time. An example of a workout that is not very scaleable would be something like handstand pushups, ring muscle ups and pistol squats. That might be a cool workout, but a scaled version of it would look nothing like the original and therefore have a very different training effect.
  • They’re functional: The barbell movements don’t require an advanced level of athleticism or mobility to perform, they are based on basic, functional movements (like lifting things from the floor or pressing things over head) and they can be loaded incrementally to suit the progressive needs of practically any participant.
  • Weightloss: Many people think that lifting weights is just for meat heads. However, it is extremely important for people with weight-loss goals as well. Studies have shown that people who used resistance training as part of their weight loss strategy maintained a significantly higher resting metabolic rate than those who only used cardio.
  • Toning: Tone = Less fat and more muscle in a given area. Large compound movements like the squat have been shown to build more muscle and burn more calories than isolation movements and machine based exercises that are less demanding of the entire body.
  • Get strong! If it’s a goal of yours to get strong, put on muscle and just to be a bigger bad ass in the gym, you’re gonna have to make friends with the barbell. It’s your most valuable training tool, so it’s well worth learning a bit about how best to use it. Classes will be limited to six people per class to ensure quality coaching. Sign up with the form below to get started or contact us via the contact form for a free one on one session!

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